How to Make Your Business Trip to China a Success

How to Make Your Business Trip to China a Success

When talking about the Chinese market the two main regions where trade prospect is mainly concentrated are Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Be it a small retail company or a corporate giant, both send to their delegations to these regions every now and then in order to exercise the benefits of trade, but a common problem shared by all these delegations is the language barrier.

Despite the modern era globalization, China is still considered to be culturally reserved, thus still English is not the primary mode of conversation. In these two regions alone five different languages are spoken including Cantonese and Mandarin. This problem can quite easily be terminated through having a good Chinese English interpreter.

The purpose of your visit will primarily be business; therefore it is essential that the interpreter should be able to convey your requirements and specifications to the local dealers and vice versa. Doing business with any one for the first time is always risky, be it with a local merchant in your region or with a vendor in China. Therefore it is crucial that the interpreter should know the local market like the back of his hand and be well versed with official paper work and documents to make sure nothing is missed out.

How to Make Your Business Trip to China a Success

What primarily differentiates a bilingual person from an interpreter is the knowledge of business. Through out the trip your Shenzhen Guide and Guangzhou Guide will be your sole representative forth the local market, therefore it’s important that an interpreter should be formally educated in Business English so that all the terms, contracts and documents are compiled as per your convenience.

Once the deal has been signed, it’s quite obvious that you will not stay in China until the goods are prepared, tested and then shipped. Due to this reason it is quite important to have a guide who can also act as your Guangzhou and Shenzhen Sourcing agent. It is important that your sourcing agent is a trustworthy person who can act as regional representative in China and carry out all the tasks from verifying that the quality of goods is exactly what was agreed upon and also take care of the shipment of goods so that your main focus is on preparing your local market for the imports you have ordered rather than being worried about what’s happening back in China.

How to Secure an Accurate And Professional Translation?

How to Secure an Accurate And Professional Translation

Seeking someone professional and reliable for your translation project is not that easy, and the problem is that you don’t know who to choose and trust. Obviously, clients don’t want a poor translation for their legal documents, but seeking a reliable translator could take some time and effort.

Clients who don’t require high qualifications for translators may end up broke and embarrassed. Anyone can speak a foreign language, but it doesn’t mean that he or she can be a potential translator for legal documents, for example. Hiring the wrong translator who does not possess the necessary qualifications could be a disaster.

Some translators fully rely on machine translation, which is absolutely not a good thing. Although machines can be helpful for the entire translation process, when it comes to translation of one language to another; machines are not reliable.

Usually, reliable translators work with reputable translation agencies. However, there are sometimes misconceptions from this point of view. Translation agencies may be professional, however, some of their employed translators may not be; there are some instances where they might harass their clients like asking more money; or they might produce a very poor translation and as a consequence, force editors and proofreaders to perform more complicated process of translation.

How to Secure an Accurate And Professional Translation

Take for example Chinese and English language. Though Chinese is one of the oldest living languages in existence, most required Chinese to English translation service is for modern or contemporary Chinese dialects. Chinese translation services is common for website translation, business translation, and industries that have strong China importing or exporting services, foreign trade, or outsourcing. For example, one of the biggest industries that requires American and Chinese cooperatives is renewable energy. Business documents within this industry which require Chinese to English translation, also require translators to have knowledge of the energy industry and related technical business translation experience.

For those who are scholars, historians, literature specialists, and scholars in ancient cultures and/or religions use Chinese to English translation as part of their research, to build education and historical knowledge of Chinese time periods, and as necessary for textbooks and scholarly writing. In this instance, only skilled translators with extensive experience in Chinese to English translation will be able to handle historical Chinese texts. Why? The Chinese language has gone through centuries of dialects and transformations.

Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation services is common in today’s business environment. None of the important written texts would be possible for us to read, study and understand without a blend of Chinese to English translation experts, for both ancient and modern dialects.

Qualifications of a Chinese Interpreter

Qualifications of a Chinese Interpreter

With the advent of the internet, there is a tremendous growth of business activity between different countries, like United States and China. Consequently, various cultures and economic systems are converging across the globe. This highlights the need for a Chinese interpreter if you wish to communicate with your prospective Chinese-speaking customers.

When Do You Need the Services of a Chinese Interpreter?

A Chinese interpreter may help you decipher the complexities of a foreign language. Here are a few areas where you may need the services of an interpreter:

During court hearings or inspection and cross examination of foreign language speaking witnesses.

During factory visits or foreign client meetings. When you have to sign some contracts or documents, an interpreter translates them and explains the nuance of the documents for your better comprehension.

During your business trip or visit to exhibitions and historical places in foreign countries.

Qualifications of a Chinese Interpreter

Qualifications of a Chinese Interpreter

It is very crucial to choose the right interpreter, who not only interprets foreign language but also has the knack of convincing your foreign clients. Let us have a look at the essential qualifications of a Chinese interpreter:

  • S/he should hold a certified degree in the Chinese language from a reputed university or college.
  • Besides academic qualification, s/he must have undergone a few years of training under the supervision of an experienced person.
  • S/he should be well versed in at least two languages.
  • S/he should have adequate knowledge of the culture of the country, so that s/he is able to connect better while interacting with foreign clients.
  • S/he should have strong vocabulary and grammar skills to produce accurate and quality results.
  • S/he should have thorough understanding of the target audience and their psychology.

Since a major amount of work is done through computers, it is essential for an interpreter to have appropriate knowledge of software technology.

As the industry standards are being raised, a company’s need to have a well rounded group of efficient employees from every area is becoming a necessity. One such recent development is the need to have proficient interpreters in the company. This specially holds true for the multi-national companies, who are regularly dealing with foreign clients, whose language they mostly do not speak or understand. Having good translators always helps to forward the business and get better recognition. Excellent communication skills, together with an undying enthusiasm to learn are the most important qualities one should possess in order to succeed as a translator, as it is a highly demanding job.

Chinese Interpreters are indispensable to companies who deal with Chinese speaking clients. These translators can help make or break the business that the company makes, with the help of the translations that they make.

Solar Panel Efficiency – How to Get Solar Panels Cheap

Solar Panel Efficiency- How to Get Solar Panels Cheap

Over the years solar panels have improved and are now able to generate far more power today than ever before. This is due to better solar cell technology and changes to their overall design that allows them to harvest more sunlight for your home.

At the heart of any modern residential solar power system are the PV solar panels. These solar panels are the critical component in the system that does the actual conversion of sunlight to electricity. They do this through the use of solar cells that are designed to take advantage of the photovoltaic (PV) effect. The PV effect occurs in certain materials, that when exposed to direct sunlight will generate a small DC current.

In the case of modern solar panels for homes, these solar cells are made from a silicon-based compound that has improved dramatically over the years in efficiency. These modern solar cells are able to provide far more power than older versions and are much more durable as well. In some cases these new solar panels for homes can deliver over twice as much power from the same amount of sunlight as older panels because of these improved solar cells.

The fact that these new solar panels for homes are more efficient than older versions is important for most homeowners for several reasons. It means that most home solar power systems will need less of these newer, high efficiency solar panels to generate the same amount of power as an older and larger system required in the past. This can save you both roof space and the expense of all the additional panels you would have needed for an older system. It can also help lower the installation cost and complexity since there are less solar panels to mount and wire into the system. All of this helps to make these modern solar panels for homes a much better value for consumers.

Solar Panel Efficiency- How to Get Solar Panels Cheap

If you are looking to get solar panels cheap, then you need to think seriously about to get some from China. A very common solar panel that people purchasing is the photovoltaic solar panels.

The prices of solar panels can very depending on the supplier. If you are not sure where to look for these solar panels, you may want to try looking for online supply store. Chances are they will have something for you to take a look at and if they don’t, I am sure that they will direct you to somewhere you can find what you are
looking for if you were to ask. There are many sources out there that allow you to do the shopping required to make sure that you are able to find solar panels cheap especially when looking for China solar panels.

Ultimately the choice is yours when it comes to the direction you want to go. If money is tight and yet you want to take advantage of the sun energy, then there is no better time than now to get cheap solar panels from China.

Why to Buy Kitchen Cabinets from China?

Why to Buy Kitchen Cabinets from China?

There are times when purchasing goods can get a lot difficult. When it comes to purchasing kitchen cabinets, the same thing is experienced by many. People when remodeling their homes try their very best that they make their kitchens as attractive as they can. Speaking of making the kitchens attractive, kitchen cabinets count a lot. If they have a nice design and style and they go with the theme of the kitchen then your kitchen will look splendid. Kitchen is an area where most of us dine in too so it has got to look at its best.

We usually use the internet in order to buy the stuff we want to get. The cabinets can also be purchased from China. You will happen to find many companies that are selling imported kitchen cabinets from china. There are wholesalers and retailers available who deal in the most stylish cabinets. They certainly are the must haves. If you will get the cabinets in wholesale, then you will manage to get the discounted kitchen cabinets. Many of the branded companies are also selling the kitchen cabinets online but a problem is that they will be expensive. Don’t worry, if you will do thorough search then you might find a company that deals in the best kitchen cabinets that are being sold at affordable rates.

Why to Buy Kitchen Cabinets from China?

Buying the kitchen cabinets online can be a lot beneficial for you. You will be able to visit a number of places or in other words sites that will make you see a wide variety in the cabinets. So, it might get easier for you to purchase the best one. Also benefit of purchasing the imported kitchen cabinets from China is the fact that you can get them on discount. There are companies who are ready to give 30 percent discounts on the purchases so buying the cabinets from China can make you avail a significant amount of discount.

If you happen to find a whole seller, then getting the discounted kitchen cabinets will be a lot easier for you. So, do think about purchasing the imported kitchen cabinets from China.

Contract Manufacturing and Its Processes Benefit Everybody

Contract Manufacturing and Its Processes Benefit Everybody

From encapsulation to packaging and distribution, contract manufacturing plays a vital role in the pharmaceutical industry. This type of manufacturing is a method of outsourcing a company’s job to another in a mutually beneficial manner. On one hand, the contractors share a symbiotic relationship with the medicine manufacturers; the entire processes, on the other, help raise the standards of the products and serve the clients and customers better. Certain advantages have made this process a viable option for many people in this industry.

Reduction in the cost of operation and production

Costs matter. When the medicine manufacturers go to the contract manufacturing companies, the former gets several cost benefits from the deal. If they could find a reliable manufacturing agent, they can save the extra cost on maintaining facility, infrastructure and work force. There are possible expenses as well, for insurance, training and the like. Mostly, these jobs are outsourced to companies located in a region where there is a cost-effective supply of manpower and materials.

Facilitation in the functioning of the businesses

This entire job process is ideal for companies that specialize in one particular range of product. They can further narrow down their roles, while leaving the spare functions to the contractors. For example, they can focus on producing the ingredients of a capsule, and then the contractors can take up the encapsulation job. This can also accelerate the entire process of operation and production because in many cases, most contractors specialize in only the items they have the contract for. Besides, they have the resources what the medicine manufacturers would not have.

Contract Manufacturing and Its Processes Benefit Everybody

Production of the best quality products

Specialization from both the parties would bear on the finished product. The medicine manufacturers would become more credible, the contractors would become more trustworthy and the customers would be getting only quality products. Concisely, this benefits everybody.

A win-win situation for all

We can see this approach benefits everybody. Yet it is not limited to only a few areas. This is most evident in creation of more jobs and the push to the economy. If both the parties keep up to their roles, then they can produce more benefits that would affect more people.


Therefore, there are so many apparent benefits as well as advantages disguised in the process. From cost-effective benefits to the mutual gains, medicine manufacturers as well as contract manufacturers have a lot to gain from their shared enterprises.

Manufacturing Lists and Directories – Are They Helpful?

Directories are Unfiltered – People who put together long lists of directories are not filtering out any undesirable or fraudulent manufacturing companies. Also, manufacturing companies have widely different types of products and volumes that they are capable of working with. The burden of sorting through those directories and filtering them yourself can be daunting. The process involves emailing, calling or filling out a contact form for each individual company to introduce yourself and explain your product needs. With time limitations, you really can usually only contact maybe a few hundred.

Out of those few who might respond to your query, many manufacturers have high volumes limits and will not deal with orders of small amounts.

You Can Find a Good Manufacturer Through a Directory or List – However, it is possible to find a manufacturer in China through a directory or list, it just requires a lot of time invested and back and forth negotiations with multiple companies before you settle on someone to try and work with.

Manufacturing Lists and Directories - Are They Helpful?

Don’t Take Big Risks – Beware, especially when dealing with foreign companies that you wire too much money too soon. There are pseudo manufacturing companies out there who behave fraudulently and will take your money without sending you a product. Start by asking for a sample of your ordered product and then make a small order after you have received that. Increase the amount of money you are willing to wire the company gradually.

Read What Others Have to Say – You can always do a search on prospective manufacturers names online and see if you can find other peoples comments and feedback about their experiences in dealing with that company. Whether you are looking for a manufacturer of clothing, plastics, puzzles or paper products, it’s worth your time to do research on the company before you start paying them.

What is The Best Way to Find Manufacturers of Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards

What is The Best Way to Find Manufacturers of Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards

It can be incredible stressful and time consuming trying to find reliable and cheap printed circuit board manufacturing companies that offer a wide range of quality products and services. Fortunately there are a variety of innovative companies that now offer one-stop shopping for printed circuit board manufacturing that are able to meet most companies production needs and make the process much easier and less stressful. PCB supply companies are able to carefully follow every step of the manufacturing process to make sure that manufacturing is fast, cheap, and more efficient than if it were to be handled it in-house.

One-stop production services

In ever increasing unstable and competitive markets it is important to find single point contacts that are easily and cheaply able to take your ideas from prototype through production. Custom printed circuit boards are available from around the world with high-quality quick turn PCB available at affordable prices. Depending on your printed circuit board requirements, several new and innovative supply companies are able to offer complete production services with no need to deal with multiple suppliers, customs issues, shipping headaches or language barriers that could occur if you need to have manufacturing done overseas in China, India or elsewhere. With one phone call these companies are able to take your PCB prototype through to production, find the best foreign or domestic suppliers, meet your budget, organize shipping, oversee quality control, and make sure your product is in compliance with ITAR PCB requirements.

Services worth considering

If you decide to use a China PCB supplier for your domestic or offshore print circuit board needs there are several services worth considering:

Make sure that the supplier is willing to ensure quality design before the order is filled. Imagine the costs of being stuck with hundreds of PCB delivered to your business that do not work.

What is The Best Way to Find Manufacturers of Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards

Inquire if the company has good standing relationships with both offshore and onshore manufactures so that they are able to negotiate the best price. If is often possible to get much lower prices for PCB quickturn or other products from manufacturers that have successfully worked with companies in the past.

You many need to make some modifications and engineering changes along the way. Some companies charge large fees for extra serviced while other are more than willing to resolve appropriate engineering changes before production.

Most business do not want to spend time dealing with certifications, licenses, customs duties and import regulations, payments – and they should not have to – effective suppliers should have all of the supply-chain logistics worked out for you well in advance.

Effective suppliers will take care of all the communications with the manufacturing facilities whether you are getting your PCB from China PCB supplier or locally, you should not have to lose sleep waiting to hear back from the factory.

Finally, effective suppliers should be willing to take care of all quality control and check your order to make sure that your specifications have been met before final delivery.

Buy Wholesale Electronics – It’s Convenient and You’ll Save Money

Buy Wholesale Electronics - It's convenient and you'll save money

In the last decades there have been many developments in technology. Machines and gadgets like the computer and cell phone, which were once large and bulky gadgets, have become portable devices used by millions of people around the world. Technological developments in recent years have made possible such devices as cell phones, portable music players and digital cameras, and there is now a huge market for such devices. There are many electronic gadgets that have become popular among people of all ages and, every year, a new wave of technology hits the market.

Since the first cell phone was launched in the market, there have been many changes that have taken place to make the cell phone what it is today. For many people, their cell phones function as music players or video players – many even have built-in cameras. Other technologies have led to the development of new electronic devices, such as portable USB drives, that make it possible to store and transport information and access them. computers. Not many years ago, this device did not even exist. There are many different categories of electronic devices and each category contains many types and models. Within the category of portable music players alone there are numerous different models of iPods for miniature radios and more.

Buy Wholesale Electronics - It's convenient and you'll save money

With a variety of gadgets on the market, there are also many ways to find electronics. Gadgets can be found at electronics and online stores, but one of the best ways to go is to buy china wholesale electronics. Individuals or companies buy direct from China and save a lot of money on retail stores. Buying Chinese wholesale electronics can also be very convenient because some wholesale companies offer shipping services or shipping at a discount on large orders. In many situations, buying wholesale will save you a lot of money and will reduce the hassle of traveling to one or several electronics stores to find an item.

As time progresses, there will certainly be many new technological developments that will result in new devices coming to market. Older models will be outdated and consumers will turn to the influx of new handsets to meet their technological needs and desires. While the technologies themselves may change, there will always be a high demand for electronics. This means that retailers and wholesalers will strive to meet these demands.

How to Find the Best Wholesale Prices

How to Find the Best Wholesale Prices

When you are trying to determine where to buy wholesale, there are a few important facts that you need to consider.

To profit from selling wholesale merchandise, you have to be sure that you are using legitimate wholesale sources. Next, work on establishing a relationship with your wholesale distributor. Make sure that they are giving you true wholesale prices. One problem that people run into is that they get involved with a middleman, and because they are paying a higher margin they lose their profits. To combat this, make sure you work with a factory authorized wholesale distributor. This can be tricky, as it can be hard to find legitimate distributors.

Many people will end up wasting their money on junk wholesale directories looking for good sources. Unfortunately, this usually ends in disappointment. Trying to find a legitimate supplier can be quite time consuming. Finding one that will do business with a home based business can even be more difficult. Most people just simply don’t have the time or don’t know where to start. If you do have the time, you need to know the right questions to ask and the right equations to figure your cost.

If you do an internet search you will find that it appears that the search engines are full of legitimate wholesale sources. However, the reality of it is that most of these are actually middlemen. These are really fake distributors. They operate by listing millions of products at what they call wholesale prices. These prices are actually higher than legitimate wholesale prices because they have added a mark up for their own profit. They take their money off the top, then they forward your order on to the real wholesale dealer. Does this sound like a good deal for you?

When you do find a real legitimate source though, what do you do next? Do you know what questions to ask? Or the right way to buy? There are many questions you need to have answers to before you learn how to buy wholesale from China. You can purchase wholesale goods from these different types of wholesale distributors.

How to Find the Best Wholesale Prices

Drop Ship Wholesalers
This is a great way to sell without investing money in inventory. You sell the product, and the dropshipper takes care of shipping it from their warehouse. They will even ship it under your name.

Light Bulk Wholesalers
This is a wholesale distributor that only requires a small bulk product purchase.

Volume Wholesalers
This is a wholesaler that sells at deeply discounted prices, but they do require you to purchase a larger quantity of products upfront.

Wholesale Liquidators
This is where you can really find below wholesale prices. This will give you an advantage in the market. You will be able to draw your customers in by offering them lower prices, then offer them related products at a higher price on the backend. This is commonly known as a “loss leader” and liquidation products are perfect for this.

Wholesale Importers
You can manufacture or import merchandise from over seas. Many imports come from China, and are available in different quantities.

Make no mistake about it, it is possible to find products at below wholesale prices. Using these tips will help you get on your way to success without getting scammed in the process.