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For many, self-assessment with a SPM bank is invaluable. You will discover that there are topics or topics that you must relearn. This also helps you determine where you should spend most of your time and energy while studying for SPM. Not all knowledge can be withheld at once or by reading an entire book or chapter. Even the cognitive skills that should be used in the learning process are something that must be taught, perfected, and perfected. A Q-bank will let you know what is preserved and what cognitive skills need to be improved.

During the SPM review process, these cognitive skills, ie, concentration, perception, memory, and logical reasoning will be taught and improved, while self-assessments are conducted with a Bank Soalan SPM. After reviewing a specific section, many students ask a series of questions from a SPM question bank to assess their understanding and actual application of their knowledge. Through this repeated process, the four cognitive abilities are developed: more sustained concentration, perceptual ability is improved through practice and experience, the memory retention process is enhanced, and logical thinking is sharpened.

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