OEM and ODM buzzwords in the manufacturing industry

OEM and ODM buzzwords in the manufacturing industry

As an importer, it is especially important to work with an OEM or ODM if you are currently developing a different product on the market.

ODM manufacturer or original project: The supplier provides the project and already has the tools (if any) necessary to make this project.

OEM or original equipment manufacturer (for a new product): the buyer asks the supplier (according to the buyer’s design) to develop a new product.

OEM and ODM buzzwords in the manufacturing industry

There is a special case. Allow the receiver to select an existing product (previously factory-made) and only request minor changes (eg a change in a different color and minor components). OEM or ODM? The golden rule is that if the mill can use its own tools, it is a ODM; otherwise, OEM.

ODM carries the additional responsibility of designing the products that it will produce. However, OEMs act more like contracted producers. While MDGs act as research and design companies, OEMs produce copies of existing schemes and are the main difference between the two.

You need to understand the difference between OEM and ODM. ODM is a very important part of the manufacturing industry and OEMs should be very helpful because they allow companies to buy the parts or products they need.

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