Manufacturing Lists and Directories – Are They Helpful?

Directories are Unfiltered – People who put together long lists of directories are not filtering out any undesirable or fraudulent manufacturing companies. Also, manufacturing companies have widely different types of products and volumes that they are capable of working with. The burden of sorting through those directories and filtering them yourself can be daunting. The process involves emailing, calling or filling out a contact form for each individual company to introduce yourself and explain your product needs. With time limitations, you really can usually only contact maybe a few hundred.

Out of those few who might respond to your query, many manufacturers have high volumes limits and will not deal with orders of small amounts.

You Can Find a Good Manufacturer Through a Directory or List – However, it is possible to find a manufacturer in China through a directory or list, it just requires a lot of time invested and back and forth negotiations with multiple companies before you settle on someone to try and work with.

Manufacturing Lists and Directories - Are They Helpful?

Don’t Take Big Risks – Beware, especially when dealing with foreign companies that you wire too much money too soon. There are pseudo manufacturing companies out there who behave fraudulently and will take your money without sending you a product. Start by asking for a sample of your ordered product and then make a small order after you have received that. Increase the amount of money you are willing to wire the company gradually.

Read What Others Have to Say – You can always do a search on prospective manufacturers names online and see if you can find other peoples comments and feedback about their experiences in dealing with that company. Whether you are looking for a manufacturer of clothing, plastics, puzzles or paper products, it’s worth your time to do research on the company before you start paying them.

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